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Full Stack Web Developer, Experienced IT Program Manager

Jenny Pletner

San Diego, CA

I’m a rehabilitated IT Program Manager turned coder. After 15 years of successfully leading all phases of diverse projects in the real estate, healthcare and defense industries I’m taking a related detour. I've always admired the programmers I’ve worked with and envied their ability to create tools that directly enhance people's productivity and quality of life.

So here I am, Full Stack Web Developer, that comes with the benefit of understanding what stakeholders are looking for from a developer and the experience of communicating effectively with all project participants from the engineers to executive level leadership. Regardless of the tools I'm using and the challenges I face, I use my skills as a creative problem solver to be an immediate contributor and valuable support to effective development teams.

Skill Stack

Languages, Frameworks, and Tools








TDD - Rspec


Objective C


RESTful API Design


An adventure in coding...

Rails Bucket List Application Home

Rails Bucket List Application

RoR / Full Stack Development

Avritek Website Home Page

Avritek Company Website

Front-End Web Development

TicTacToe Game

JavaScript Tic Tac Toe

Front-End Web Development

Hi Lo Game

JQuery Hi Lo Game

Front-End Web Development

Rails To Do Application Home Page

Rails To Do Application

RoR / Full Stack Development

Hi Lo Game

Ruby Conference Website

Front-end Web Development

Experience & Education Timeline

The highlights. Please review my linkedin profile for additional details.

  • UCSD


    Graduated from UCSD
    B.S., Management Science

    Graduated Cum Laude from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science; quantitative major in applied economics with a management focus.

  • Triage Consulting Group


    Triage Consulting Group
    Senior Associate

    Moved to San Francisco to work as a financial consultant/auditor for one of the nation’s leading hospital revenue review consultancies.

  • 2006-2014

    Collateral Risk Solutions
    Strategic Development Manager

    Moved back to San Diego and took a position as a program manager for CRS, a post-funding real estate appraisal company. I wore many hats, however my primary responsibility was to manage the software development process and team. After eight wonderful years, they shut their doors.

  • 2014-2015

    CSA Associates(SPAWAR)
    Program/Task Manager

    Held key position leading the priority program (Scheduling as a Service) for the SPAWAR National Program Management Competency with my name written into the $70M contract. Promoted after two months of employment. Received three awards (one client, two company) in 10 months.

  • Learn Academy Logo


    Learn Academy (Rails & JS Bootcamp)
    Full Time Student

    Learned to read, write and speak a variety of languages and frameworks in an intensive four-month, full stack coding bootcamp. I spent 8 plus hours a day coding, with and without a partner, building beautiful, responsive front-end websites and back-end applications like address books, bucketlist trackers and to-do lists. I've learned how to use the resources around me or google my heart out to get unstuck. I love every second of it and can't wait to spend the rest of my professional life as an effective contributor to a successful development team while doing something I am genuinely passionate about.

    Specialties: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Ruby, Rails, TDD (RSpec), SQL, Git, Github, AJAX and RESTful API design, CRUD/L, and Pair Programming.

  • Parallel 6 Logo

    December 2015 - December 2017

    Parallel 6
    Ruby on Rails Software Developer

    Development and maintenance of 70k+ line Rails Platform; Test-driven development, continuous integration, SCRUM, refactoring; Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, MySQL

  • Gap Intelligence Logo

    January 2018 - Present

    Gap Intelligence
    Software Engineer

    Development and maintenance of multiple Rails Platforms with Javascript, jquery and React Frontends; Test-driven development, continuous integration, SCRUM, refactoring; Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, MySQL, Postgres, Objective C


colleague • business-partner • customers

Jenny is a well-centered and highly organized person, it was a joy to have her as my backend sidekick tackling down task after task. She knows and applies TDD to great effect, is a real team player, fast learner and easy going. If I had to pick one adjective for her, it would be: Diligent.

Víctor Adrián de la Cruz SerranocolleagueUI Engineer at P6

Jenny is one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever encountered in the workforce. She approaches every task as a personal challenge that she devotes 100% of her energy to accomplishing successfully. As a supervisor and a mentor she consistently provided excellent guidance and went above and beyond to ensure that the staff she managed remained satisfied and informed. She is a valuable asset to any team she is on and will make any company shine.

Isaac (Amir) PosneremployeeProject Management Consultant at CSA

I was the client for which Jenny worked as part of a $14M annual effort supporting the Navy's Acquisition and Program Management Office at the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command - the organization that develops, acquires and supports the advanced Information Technology systems in use in Navy ships and shore facilities. Jenny's description of duties in her linked-in profile (support of SPAWAR 6.0) is entirely accurate. On a more personal note, as the leader of the SPAWAR organization Jenny supported, I had direct interaction with her regarding the performance of the team she led. Her work was superb. The thing I found most valuable was her client interaction. As a "Competency Lead" at SPAWAR, I provide a lot of support to many different program offices, all with different staffs, different projects, and different needs for "care and feeding". Jenny was my lead for conducting those interactions and managing the support to that disparate customer base. She did that exquisitely well. Jenny has the unique ability to not only bring her personal technical talent to bear, but to listen effectively to customer input and take effective action on that input. She knows when to push, when to resist, and how to get the most out of any particular business relationship. If you are in a position to hire her - do so. She is an invaluable asset to a professional work force, deeply understanding capability, capacity and business needs while being able to effectively manage a team to deliver results. People in my office loved working with her, for her, and having her on our team.

Craig MadsencustomerAcquisition and Program Management National Competency Lead at SPAWAR

I miss Jenny! She was an amazing member of the 6.0 team and I was privileged to work alongside her. She has an exceptional workload capacity and was proficient in prioritization to meet multiple clients' demands. Her strong organizational skills kept her on track between the various 'hats' she wore - trainer/mentor, manager, SKEDaaS task lead, business development, strategic initiatives, and organizational improvements for CSA employees. Her passion for data analysis and mastery over complex technical concepts and software tools was instrumental in CSA's successful client delivery. What truly set Jenny apart is that she cared about the people she worked with, both client and employee, and it showed in her products and relationships. People wanted to work with her and be on Jenny's team (I did). Jenny is a leader and is equipped with the right balance of charisma and logical reasoning to lead an organization to success!

Brian WittmayercolleagueOperations Manager at Client Solution Architects

Jenny is a highly motivated and professional adviser. I consider it a privilege to have her as a part of our team. She has been instrumental in the development of an Integrated Master Schedule for a set of shore installations we will be accomplishing later this year. Her ability to read a situation, think through a problem to a complete solution, and diffuse any misunderstandings within the team has been invaluable in getting senior management buy in for continued support of this effort. Jenny is a subject matter expert in her field and I highly recommend her as a part of any team.

Dave LindbergcustomerHF Legacy/TVS APM at SPAWAR

Jenny is a difference maker; she made an immediate impact when she began with CRS and continued to make considerable and invaluable contributions over the course of her 8 years with the company. Her ability to effectively act as liaison between the review staff and managers and the web-development and IT teams provided an indispensible conduit to product development and systems enhancement, as well as vital ongoing support for our web-based platforms. As a business strategist she occupied a lead role in all business development initiatives providing both technical and organizational expertise, while routinely demonstrating highly polished client relations skills. Jenny is an exceptional results driven project manager with a breadth of skills and proficiencies; she will be an excellent asset to any organization employing her services.

Will MoorecolleagueSenior Valuation Manager at Collateral Risk Solutions

Jenny is one of the best managers I ever had. She is very detail oriented, has great knowledge of business, easily approachable and above all a great team player. We worked on numerous projects and I always remember how she stood up when ever the team needed her and was very supportive irrespective of the outcome. Jenny managed various high visibility projects very efficiently, which showcased her project management and business acumen skills. I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors.

Vani KistagaricolleagueSoftware Engineer at Collateral Risk Solutions

Jenny has extensive leadership and operational knowledge. Jenny has a proven ability to create strategic clarity ensure discilined excecution, and deliver results. She is the ultimate professional. I have had the wonderful professional experience of working side by side with Jenny for over 7 years.

Ivonne Del OlmocolleagueHuman Resource Manager at Collateral Risk Solutions

Jenny is a highly accomplished project manager with a broad and deep skill set. Equally adept at both the technical and people aspects of project management, she is a high-impact team player that knows how to expertly support projects from inception to implementation and beyond. She also has top shelf communication skills, excelling at both formal and informal presentations. Highly recommended!

Robert FerdmancolleagueQuality Control Manager at Collateral Risk Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Jenny while on a demanding and critical project within the last few years. A pleasure to work with, skilled, result oriented, and professional. Anyone that has an opportunity to work with Jenny in any capacity will be pleased.

Sean M. Wilson Sr.colleagueManagement & Consultant at Warbird Consulting Partners

Jenny is a detail-oriented, conscientious individual that exudes professionalism. She enjoys providing solutions to problems, and has provided me with assistance whenever needed. I highly recommend Jenny.

Trudy BradencolleagueReview Analyst at Collateral Risk Solutions

Jenny is very detailed oriented and did a great job on a vital project for my company.

Scott CieslakcustomerDirector of Collateral Quality at Freddie Mac

Jenny is an outstanding business partner. She is responsive, very capable, and extremely customer focused. Her track record of delivering results is exemplary.

Mike Belobusiness-partnerQuality Control Director at Freddie Mac

Jenny was excellent with spread sheets and keeping us all on task. She could look at something and know immediately how to fix it. She never lets anyone feel as though they have caused a problem, she instead, offers a solution if something is not functioning properly. In addition she is detail oriented, personable, and works well with colleagues. She is a pleasure to work with.

Barbara MillercustomerForensic Review Appraiser at Federal National Mortgage Association

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